Bill’s VSM Videos

Left Hand:
Where to point your fingernails on the violin?
Where to place the left hand thumb on your violin
Exploring the Left Hand Wrist Set-Up
Should fingers bounce when they fall to the string?
Exploring Touch on the Violin
Should you or shouldn’t you use a shoulder rest
I Can Play Faster than Anyone
Understanding left hand pizzicato
Let the force be with you
Working with the 4th finger on the violin
What are Rotations on the violin?
How much pressure to use on the violin with your left hand?
What are Tartini Tones?
Can it be beautiful if it’s out of tune?
Understanding Thirds
Achieving Great Intonation – Part 5
Achieving Great Intonation – Part 4
Achieving Great Intonation – Part 3
Achieving Great Intonation – Part 2
Achieving Great Intonation – Part 1
Advanced Approach to Violin Shifting – Part 3
Advanced Approach to Violin Shifting – Part 2
Advanced Approach to Violin Shifting – Part 1
Approaching Shifting on the Violin
Should you vibrate before playing the note
How to Develop a Continuous Vibrato
Just Me and My Vibrato
Scales, etc.
Exploring One Finger Scales
How to use my FingeringBoard
Where Do I Place My Fingers on the String?
Using different fingers to play diminished 5ths
Discovering Scales in Pieces
Mintz’s Patterns
Learn natural and fingered harmonics on the violin
Right Hand:
Keeping your bow parallel to the bridge
Making Sound with the bow
Beginning Bowing Steps
How to Hold the Bow
Look at what I can do with my bow
Bow Strokes
Whether playing on or off the string, isn’t it still the same sound!
How to Play Colle’ on the Violin
Understanding Up & Down Bow Staccatos
Learn the differences between Sautille and Spiccato, and …
Why does my bow shake in concerts?
What are Bow Speed Patterns?
Getting the bow to the string
Knowing Where You Are Going
How to develop a tonal palette with your violin
Discovering Figure Eights for the bow on the violin
Both Hands:
What is the first thing I do with my violin?
Exploring ways to get to the string
Understanding where to look when playing your violin
Achieving Cleanliness in Violin Playing
Goal Setting as a Violinist
Practicing with Percentages
Becoming Aware as Violinists
Setting up your violin practice schedule
What does it mean to break a passage down?
Studying staccatos through Etudes
Creating a Path Through Etudes
Musical repetition and practicing
The dreaded metronome
Exploring Exercises
Why do I play so much better in the Practice Room?
Is learning memorizing, or is memorizing learning?
The Violinist as a Complex Adaptive System
Learning to organize using a Dont etude
Violin Melodies
Learning never ends
Should your students play like you?
Six steps involved in Problem Solving
Why what worked in front of my teacher doesn’t work any more at home?
8 Tips or Ideas on Being a Violin Student
10 Rules for Violinists
Playing with Piano
How do we learn music on the violin?
Dealing with Stage Fright on the Violin
What Role Do Dynamics Play In Energy on the Violin?
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