Right Hand / Both Hands


Keeping your bow parallel to the bridge
Making Sound with the bow
Beginning Bowing Steps
How to Hold the Bow
Look at what I can do with my bow Bow Strokes

Whether playing on or off the string, isn’t it still the same sound!
How to Play Colle’ on the Violin
Understanding Up & Down Bow Staccatos
Learn the differences between Sautille and Spiccato, and … Misc.

Why does my bow shake in concerts?
What are Bow Speed Patterns?
Getting the bow to the string
Knowing Where You Are Going
How to develop a tonal palette with your violin
Discovering Figure Eights for the bow on the violin Both Hands:

What is the first thing I do with my violin?
Exploring ways to get to the string
Understanding where to look when playing your violin
Achieving Cleanliness in Violin Playing