LiaV’s are a new way to receive creatively presented personalized feedback through videos !

The Approach

  • The first step is contacting me – Click here to go to the contact form – and sharing information on your journey as a violinist and the piece you would like to submit.
  • After watching your submitted video, I will decide if LiaV is a good fit for you and if so I will then create a video, using your video as a base, which explores various possibilities towards achieving your goals. (Examples of possible works to be submitted: Concertos – Mozart, Wieniawski, Barber, Khachaturian, Prokofiev, Paganini, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, etc… Solo works – Bloch Nigun, Wieniawski Polonaise, Ravel Tzigane, Sarasate Carmen Fantasy, Tchaikovsky Valse Scherzo, etc… Unaccompanied sonatas – Ysaye, Bach)

Submitting videos …

  • Should not exceed 11 minutes in length 
  • Should show both hands, the instrument and the entire bow on the screen
  • Should have the best audio possible and be a resolution of 1080p (minimum 720p)
  • You will receive access to your Lesson in a Video between 5 – 7 days after your initial upload. 

The Benefits

  • These videos take the student beyond recall-and-relate activities. 
  • Students who need more processing time can pause and rewind the video.
  • Students who benefit from repetition can watch it as many times as they want.
  • Students can review and take notes as they wish at their own pace.

As my goal is to make LiaV affordable to anyone, there is no fee for LiaV, but if your video is accepted and you have the financial resources to do so, I ask that you consider making a donation to “MusiShare Young Artist Program”, which is a 501(c)(3) organization.  There is a suggested donation amount of $150 per video but any donation amount is appreciated.

Make a donation!