Left Hand

Left Hand:

Where to point your fingernails on the violin?

Where to place the left hand thumb on your violin

Exploring the Left Hand Wrist Set-Up

Should fingers bounce when they fall to the string?

Exploring Touch on the Violin

Should you or shouldn’t you use a shoulder rest

I Can Play Faster than Anyone

Understanding left hand pizzicato

Let the force be with you

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How much pressure to use on the violin with your left hand?

What are Tartini Tones?

Can it be beautiful if it’s out of tune?

Understanding Thirds

Achieving Great Intonation – Part 5

Achieving Great Intonation – Part 4

Achieving Great Intonation – Part 3

Achieving Great Intonation – Part 2

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Advanced Approach to Violin Shifting – Part 3

Advanced Approach to Violin Shifting – Part 2

Advanced Approach to Violin Shifting – Part 1

Approaching Shifting on the Violin

Should you vibrate before playing the note

How to Develop a Continuous Vibrato

Just Me and My Vibrato
Scales, etc.

Exploring One Finger Scales

How to use my FingeringBoard

Where Do I Place My Fingers on the String?

Using different fingers to play diminished 5ths

Discovering Scales in Pieces

Mintz’s Patterns

Learn natural and fingered harmonics on the violin