Consultations with Prof. Fitzpatrick are for violin players who want to gain insight on a work they are currently studying. An example of repertoire could be a movement from a major concerto, a Paganini Caprice or movements from Bach’s 6 solo sonatas and partitas… etc.

MS Consultations work like this:  
-submit a video of your work to be studied  
-shortly thereafter you will receive an invitation for a Zoom Consultation  
-during the consultation we will work together using an annotated copy of your submitted work.  
-using screen share you will be able to view all graphs, sketches, videos that have been prepared for your consultation.
-you will then receive via DropBox a video of the consultation with additional remarks when needed.

As an added bonus you will as well receive access to my student DropBox folder which contains fingerings, charts, etc…

The cost of a consultation is 175 USD / 151 EUR