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Here you will find all the videos from my “In Search Of”
“Violin Connections” and “VirtualSheetMusic” series
and below the TEDx that started them all!

ISO: Skill, Strategy, Excellence videos are based on my “A Guide to Violin Excellence” book. Through the understanding and development of basic fundamentals skills, practicing and performance strategies, these videos help us to arrive at a clearer understanding of what is required to produce excellent performances.

Violin Connections are extended 25-45 minute lesson videos that contain embedded English, Ftrnc and Spanish subtitles. They use scales, etudes and the violin repertoire to show the connections in determining: what to do, how to do it and where to do it!  

By combining my research of books and articles and other online information by imminent psychologists around the world with my own teaching experiences and observations, these videos strives to guide violinists in the discovery, cultivation and utilization of the skills needed to produce performances at the most effective and highest level of excellence possible. ~ Bill Fitzpatrick


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